Professional, technical cleaning activities after production pollution, fire, water, or chemical damage or other  calamities 

Professional, technical cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable company for professional, technical cleaning activities after production pollution, fire-, water- or chemical damage or other calamities? We would like to introduce ourselves!

Our company started in 2011 and since 2014 independently operating under the name Corocor Technische Reconditionering BV. With our enthusiastic and experienced team we can be of service to you.

Scoot and smoke damage

Removal of scoot and smoke damage.


Deodorization with an Ozone air treatment.


Industrial environments and production processes.

Water damage

Specialized cleaning after water damage.

Specialist cleaning after damage

Corocor offers professional and specialist cleaning techniques to have you quickly operational again after production pollution, fire, water and chemical damage or other calamities.
Corocor works a.o. for: