You think that Corocor only works on solid ground?

Marine & Offshore

In addition to technical reconditioning on the mainland, the Corocor team has also gained the necessary experience through various projects in the shipping industry.

For example, we have carried out the delivery cleaning of new buildings, in main switchboards and in engine rooms. Our equipment on the bridge has also been successfully treated several times after various calamities.

Partly because we employ people who have worked in the maritime sector, the cleaning in the shipping industry at Corocor is also in good hands!


Research and cleaning process

Before a cleaning process is started, our specialists can carry out an investigation in order to be able to carry out this process responsibly and successfully. During such a process, questions will be answered, for example:

  • Have harmful substances been released?
  • What influence does the contamination have on the equipment?

When all questions of the research have been answered, the cleaning process will be started.


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