About us

Are you looking for a loyal address for professional, technical cleaning activities after damage by water or fire or are there other calamities?

Then we would like to introduce you to Corocor BV!

Corocor BV, a company that started in the eighties, is being led by Rob Vis Dieperink.

After years of experience in different leading reconditioning companies, he operates as Corocor Technical Reconditioning B.V.

Corocor looks after her cleaning activities from Heerenveen and also from Delfzijl (Nieuweweg 14, 9934 RC – Tel. +31 (0)596-792004) for companies, institutions and private individuals.

Corocor provides their service concerning:

  • Cleaning of machines and equipment;
  • Drying after damage by water;
  • Cleaning after fire-, water- damage, or damage caused by putting out a fire;
  • Salvage after calamities;
  • Recovery of data and data-erasure;
  • The removal of all dirt and construction debris.