Building Industry

Do you prefer tidiness and neatness?

After construction it is of great importance to have a big cleaning. Even after delivering a construction project, Corocor is prepared to give the finishing touch and to give your project a clean start.

On constructional areas it often happens that materials get dirty by wind, rain or mud. Besides that, fire can causes a great deal or dirt and damage during your building project. In all these situations Corocor can offer solutions. For instance, we can bring cable ducts with wiring back to the old state with our ice beam method.

Extra service: cleaning of solar panels

Solar panels don’t need to be cleaned every week, but a thorough maintenance once or twice every year is recommended.

It is best to take care of this in April because after April 6 sunny months will come up. Based on experiences, cleaning on a regular basis causes an extra return of 3%.

By influence of nature solar panels can get quite dirty, for instance by leaves that fall from trees or faeces from birds. That kind of dirt can lower the return of solar panels in a bad way even up to 2 or 5%.

We have a cleaning method that doesn’t leave residue or damages the surface

Vertically placed solar panels suffer from much more dirt than horizontally placed panels because with the vertically placed panels dirt and algae accumulate against the bottom part of the aluminium edge with causes that the solar panels are covered. This causes a downgrade of the return due to the influence of all 3 strings. With horizontal panels only the lowest string is influenced.

More information?

For more information about cleaning after construction, contact Rob Vis Dieperink of Corocor by telephone number +31(0)800-2676267. U could also send an e-mail to