Energy providers

With energy a lot can go wrong, especially when fire is involved. When a fire occurs in a high-voltage or low-voltage substation a specialized approach is required. One big factor is safety which plays a huge part. The employees of Corocor, having worked frequently in these kinds of environments, have gained the necessary experience with these kinds of dangerous situations.

Transformer locations

When it comes to transformer locations, a timely response is key to quickly reconnect households to the grid. The CO2-method excels at ensuring that these installations can operate again.

More information?

Do you have an Emergency concerning high-voltage or low-voltage substations? Please call us as soon as possible with the Emergency number +31(0)800-2676267. For less important matters you can get in touch with Rob Vis Dieperink via +31(0)513-767283 or send an e-mail to