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.. but also Schools, Hospitals & monuments

Calamities happen everywhere, not only at home or in the industries. Corocor has the expertise to quickly take measures to prevent further damage of government buildings, schools, hospitals and monuments.


Water damage often occurs in schools during holiday periods. This could cause a lot of damage to floors, walls and machinery. When Corocor can respond in time a special drying technique can be utilized to minimalize damage.


Calamities like a pan catching fire and people leaving the tap running are prevalent in homes for the elderly. The fire and water damage that arises after aforementioned situations ask for adequate cleaning solutions, which Corocor can provide.


Also in hospitals it is imperative to quickly act upon calamities to make sure that patients are safe and can continue to receive their required care. With the solutions offered by Corocor in matters relating to technology and drying, the day-to-day operations can soon be resumed.


Cultural heritage has to be inspected carefully after an Emergency. To restore the monument back in to the old state, with minimal damage to the surface, Corocor cleans monuments with a latex coating that can remove pollution. Lyophilisation also belongs to the techniques that Corocor provide in these kind of situations.

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