Besides the professional industry Corocor also facilitates cleaning projects for the retail market for instance when it comes to cleaning and salvage after calamities like damage by fire or water.

Cleaning after a fire for individuals

Cleaning after a fire asks for a specialized approach. Specialisms that regular cleaning companies usually don’t have on display. With fire damage concerning household effects and buildings there is much more to it than cleaning on itself. For instance the removal of soot and odour control from the smell of fire. Corocor’s employees are specialized and certified when it comes to cleaning after a fire.

Cleaning after damage by water

Besides cleaning and salvage after fire Corocor also handles issues surrounding damage by water. It is best to act quickly because of the consequential damage it can cause to other objects in the house. By means of pumps and wet vacuum cleaners the water can be removed out of the house and subsequently drying can take place, thus consequential damage can be minimised.

In addition Corocor is also specialized in leak detection. Leaky faucets, damp stains and other leakages are being detected fast and resolved professionally, without hacking and breaking.

More information?

Did you have an Emergency as a private individual, then it is best to act quickly. That is why in case of an Emergency you should contact Corocor immediately via the alarm number: +31(0)800-2676267.