What we do in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable business

  • We participated in 2013 in the “koplopers project” driven by the society Heerenveen and duet o this partipation we still have contact with the companies who were in this project.
  • We assisted an re-integration office to retrain a teacher to work as an administratorbecause she lost part of her power of speech.
  • We partipate in a financial way the “Brasserie de Stal" in Heerenveen by sponsoring the Van to transport the participants with a mental damage to have a useful day program.
  • We help a 50+ employee to work for us in our office in Delfzijl.
  • We generate on a small scale energy with solar panels , volunteer work in a center for demented elderly and we help with maintenance in a horse riding school for mental damaged people.
  • In our processes we think how to minimize the waste , we recycle our cleaning dusters and we implement alternative cleaning methods such as CO2 cleaning.
  • We also are located in an workshop which is CO2 neutral and we get our energy from an green-energyprovider.

In 2016 we received a CSR-certificate from the society AssenvoorAssen and we are permitted to show the Think Global, act local logo.