Data recovery & Erasure

You know the drill: you have very important files on your computer and suddenly the equipment abandons you. And your files? They usually get lost.

Data recovery of your hard disk

The nightmare of every computer user is a hard disk crash. To not be able to reach important data without having a back-up, is sometimes a hard reality for a computer user.

Destroying a hard disk

In cases where your hard disk has to be erased/destroyed, Corocor can also be of service. When desired we could even provide a certificate.

Problems with your hard disk?

Corocor can recover your files on your hard disk. You can follow the following instructions:

  1. Switch of the equipment. (do not try to recover it with all kinds of software);
  2. Secure the hard disk;
  3. Call as soon as possible with an expert from Corocor.

Whoever abides by these recommendations , has a bigger chance that important data can be recovered.

More information?

Do you want to recover or destroy files on your hard disk? Please contact Corocor directly by telephone number +31(0)800-2676267. Or send an e-mail to