Drying and vacuum drying

Did you have water damage or a leakage? Corocor helps! We possess techniques to restore your situation.

Drying after water damage

Water damage is created faster than wanted. The climate sometimes causes unexpected situations that are impossible to calculate, but also a technical failure or after a fire, water causes a lot of damage.

The perpetrators of water damage can exist out of:

  • Rain
  • Floods
  • Leakages
  • Ice water
  • Defect in drainage
  • Fire fighting water

It is in the upmost concern that water damage is being properly dealt with. When this is not the case, the chance of the damage returning in a later stadium is a lot higher and then the damage, in most cases, had already been done.

Drying techniques

Corocor has a whole arsenal of drying techniques and equipment to eliminate water damage, such as pumps, wet vacuums, survey tools, dryers (cooling- and absorption-), mould removing techniques and deodorisation-techniques.

When necessary constructional recovery and/or a leak inspection will be applied.

Corocor also has the drying techniques and –possibilities to secure archives that are affected by water damage.

More information?

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Corocor via telephone number: +31(0)800-2676267. Or send an e-mail to info@corocor.nl