Precautionary & Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, right?! This also applies to your equipment. Corocor cleanses computers and manufacturing processes . This prevents a lot of trouble.

Preventive cleaning production process

During production process malfunctions can arise as a result of excessive pollution in control cabinets, frequency regulators, power supply. Etc. This pollution can cause a higher degree of mechanical wear, transitional resistances and/or heat development, as a consequence customers cannot be attended to due to production downtime.

Preventive cleaning computers

Does your computer make more noise than before? There is big chance that it is full with dust. If your computer gets overheated, it is time for a big clean-up.

Corocor can clean your computer with the help of “air-knifes” and vacuum pumps (ESD-safe). Your equipment will be cleaned, after which particularly the surfaces will be treated with disinfectant. The last treatment will use an antistatic product, to prevent new pollution.


Scientific research has shown that 1 out of 8 keyboards can form a danger to your health. On 16% of mobile phones they even detected the coli bacteria, one of the perpetrators of food poisoning. This is why disinfection is important when it comes to preventive cleaning because the health of your employees is particularly important.

Corocor possesses several techniques to remove this pollution in a fast and adequate manner.

More information?

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