You should be able to trust and rely in the quality and the safety of your equipment and machines, right?

After an Emergency like a fire, water damage, emission of chemicals or pollution by building materials, technical components can be damaged which means that an effectively functioning of the components is not guaranteed.


Corocor provides the most comprehensive range of modern techniques and know how to draft an economically responsible cleaningscheme.

Our goal is to restore all concerning equipment and electronics back into the old state. This prevents the need of high investment expenditure to restart the machinery and production.

Customer loss due to non-delivery is hereby reduced to a minimum.

Corocor has access to:

  • Dehumidifying spaces
  • Washing stations
  • Drying rooms
  • Separate disassembly- and assembly spaces with ESD-protection.

We can also provide these activities on location.

Developments concerning reconditioning

Our cleaningtechniques are being evaluated continuously based on the latest developments. This is why we can now among other things, cleanse water-based, a technique that has meanwhile proved its value and which is especially suited to neutralising the chlorine ions.

In some cases a CO2-cleanse is a responsible solution because by doing this, it is possible to export an exceedingly fast cleanse without full disassembly. It has a short drying time and leaves a lot less waste. This is MVO responsible, which is a high priority on our checklist. Corocor is highly active in this area. One example is the ‘Koplopersproject’, where ideas are being exchanged with other entrepreneurs from the region concerning recycling, housing, CO2-neutral, including green energy and separating waste.

All these activities are being executed by specially trained technicians.

Besides that we contain a large network of specialists in a nationwide and international network due to the cooperation with reconditioning partners

More information?

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Rob Vis Dieperink via phonenumber +31(0)513-767283 or the Emergency number +31(0)800-2676267. There is always the possibility to send an e-mail.

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