Corocor also facilitates cleaning projects for the private market

Private individuals

In addition to the business sectors, Corocor also facilitates cleaning projects for the private market. For the private market Corocor takes care of cleaning and salvage after calamities such as fire or water damage.

Cleaning after a fire for private individuals

Cleaning after a fire requires a specialist approach. Specialisms that regular cleaning companies often do not have in-house. In the event of fire damage to property and buildings, there is much more to it than just cleaning. Such as the removal of soot and odour control of fire air. Corocor employees are specialized and certified for cleaning after a fire.


Cleaning after water damage

In addition to cleaning and salvage after a fire, Corocor also relieves water damage. In case of water damage it is important to act quickly, because the damage of other objects in the house can then occur. By means of pumps and water vacuum cleaners the water can be taken out of the house and dried so consequential damage can be limited.

Corocor is also a specialist in leak detection. Leaking faucets, moisture spots and other leaks are quickly detected and expertly resolved, without chopping and breaking.


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