Repair water damage: specialist cleaning of water damage to prevent worse

Water damage is something that doesn't happen every day.

If you or your company is affected, you may quickly call the nearest cleaning company. However, water damage can have far more serious consequences than initially estimated. For example, your electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment can be unnecessarily damaged if it continues to run. It is therefore often better to hire a specialized company to repair the consequences of your water damage. Corocor Technical Reconditioning has the knowledge and equipment to thoroughly clean all your valuable inventory in order to prevent long-term damage.

Leakage, rainwater, flooding, extinguishing water

There are several calamities that can lead to water damage. In case of heavy rainfall, your car park may be flooded. Not to mention flooding. However, leaks are much more common as a result of faulty drainage or a technical defect. Finally, you may have had to deal with a fire in which the fire brigade (or yourself) had to handle the sprayer.

In all these cases it is very important that the damage caused is specialist cleaned/dry. Sometimes this is immediately obvious. For example, if your company's archive got wet when extinguishing a fire and freeze drying is the right approach.


Corocor has all drying techniques in-house

Tackling water damage requires the right knowledge and equipment. In addition to pumps, water vacuum cleaners, drying rooms, measuring equipment, dryers (cooling and absorption), mould removers, etc., we have the knowledge to handle them. In addition, you can contact us for the further consequences of the calamity.

- If necessary, we will ensure that your building is returned to its former state. The seasoned craftsmen we employ will repair water damage to floors, stucco, plasterboard, ceilings and window frames while your business continues as usual
- To trace the cause of a leak, we carry out an accurate leak detection
- And yes, we are also able to save your archive using a special drying technique

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