Industrial cleaning:
continuity guaranteed

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial environments and production processes, machines and plant set-ups often require specialist cleaning. Quality and safety are paramount and continuity must be guaranteed.

Due to the high requirements and the many protocols that many production processes nowadays require, speed and quality of cleaning is essential. All Corocor employees are VCA certified and always aware of the procedures by and/or a kick-off meeting or other information start up.

Cleaning technology is a specialism. That is why Corocor employees have at least a technical training at secondary technical level, complemented by various professional internal and external training courses.


Corocor's knowledge and quality ensure that your production processes do not stand still for long. Due to the product choice of cleaning agents and the experience of Corocor employees, the cleaning of your industrial environment is in good hands.

Cleaning methods for industry

Corocor uses, among other things, water-based cleaning procedures. This method is so effective that even corrosive deposits under the smallest parts and contacts can be dissolved and rinsed away. The ice blasting method (also known as CO2 cleaning), is another cleaning method used by Corocor to quickly and effectively remove unwanted dirt. The great advantage of this method is that there is a minimum drying time of one hour, so that the equipment can be quickly switched on again.


Do you have machines, production processes and factory set-ups that require specialist cleaning? Please contact Corocor directly via +31 (0)513-767283 or email