Technical reconditioning requires a specialist approach

An unexpected incident can suddenly shut down your company. It can be a calamity, but also a small accident with unforeseen consequences. Your machinery, technical installation or equipment can suffer serious damage as a result. Damage that is sometimes not entirely visible at first glance. What do you do? By opting for technical reconditioning, your company saves the investment that a new purchase entails. In many cases, the costs of this specialized form of cleaning are considerably lower. In addition, you prevent too long downtime.

Exactly what we understand by technical reconditioning

Damage caused by water, chemicals or pollution by building materials can have major consequences. Sometimes replacement of the affected equipment is unavoidable. But often specialist cleaning can restore them to their former state. We call this type of cleaning technical reconditioning. It is a method of cleaning that requires expert knowledge and possession of advanced equipment.

For example, chlorine ions can be removed with a sophisticated water-based treatment. Examples of goods that qualify for Corocor Technical Reconditioning are (in addition to machines and technical installations):
- Printed circuit boards
- Walls and floors
- Furniture, shoes and clothing


How Corocor Technical Reconditioning works

Handling your equipment or machines can lead to high costs. It is important to establish in advance that these do not exceed the cost of any replacement. Together with us, you will make this assessment. The next step is to make a plan of action. We plan the work in as much detail as possible. This will result in an accurate cost estimate, after which you can still opt out of collaboration. By making the plan, it becomes really clear to what extent we can prevent stagnation in your work process. For us it is important that the real costs do not disappoint afterwards.

When to opt for technical reconditioning?

The reason to opt for technical reconditioning does not always have to be a calamity or accident. It may even be advisable, from a preventive point of view, to schedule periodic cleaning of your machinery. In this way, you avoid the costs of possible downtime later on. For the most part, our equipment makes it easy for us to get to your location. Do you currently have problems with machines running less smoothly or inexplicable faults in your equipment? Reconditioning can be the solution. We will be happy to make time for you to advise you on this point.

Why use Corocor?

- The most modern (mobile) techniques in house
- Specialist trained technicians
- Planned approach
- Downtime limited
- Real estimation of costs
- Emphasis on good mutual communication

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