Corocor can professionally remove soot and smoke damage after a fire

Specialist removal of soot and smoke damage

Calamities occur at the most unexpected moments. After an unpleasant fire, for example, you often suffer from soot and smoke damage. The specialist removal of soot and smoke damage by a company such as Corocor is a smart way to repair electronic and mechanical equipment, among other things. This way you will be operational again quickly.

Buildings, equipment and other objects are repaired and cleaned after smoke or soot damage. Are you looking for a reliable address for expert advice and a fast approach or do you want to hire a specialist as an insurer? Then Corocor is the place for you.

Smoke and/or soot damage: how does Corocor remove it quickly and professionally?

Reconditioning is literally returning it back to its former state. In this case of your valuable inventory (such as machinery, equipment or cars) or your real estate (such as your office, car park, factory, apartment building or house).

In the annoying case of soot and smoke damage, this is a precise and specialist job.

At Corocor, our professionals use various methods to remove smoke damage in your business premises or home. A fire often leaves large traces behind and the air is often polluted. This is precisely why a thorough cleaning is necessary.

Of course, this also applies to cleaning soot damage. Corocor is also specialized in this area.

Technical reconditioning after damage

During a Technical Reconditioning, equipment and machines with fire damage are disassembled by our technicians. This may be in cooperation with the supplier. Afterwards, they are thoroughly and professionally cleaned, with the end result that all contamination as a result of the calamity is removed.

Depending on the nature of the contamination, this cleaning process is carried out on a water basis or, for example, with dry ice. Also ultrasonic cleaning belongs to the possibilities.

After the cleaning, a function test is carried out to check whether the device is functioning properly again. After that adjustment, calibration or repair can take place. If all this is completely correct you can put the equipment/machines back into use in a good way. You will then be fully operational again.


Does the insurance cover smoke damage?

Much of Corocor's specialist cleaning work is covered by the insurance and is therefore - depending on the policy taken out - reimbursed up to 100%. Ask your insurance company for more information. Always consult with your insurer in advance, so that you are not confronted with unexpected costs.

Quickly operational again!

Would you like to have soot and smoke damage removed by an expert and reliable company? Call in the help of Corocor. This will provide you with a number of immediate benefits:

  • Corocor is a specialist and has years of experience
  • All professionals have specialist knowledge
  • We are quickly deployable and relieve you of all your worries
  • Corocor has an emergency number and can be reached 24/7
  • We work both nationally and internationally

Ask for our expertise

Feel free to ask us for a quotation or contact us directly to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to come on site to carry out the necessary cleaning work for you. Call via +31 (0)513-767283 or email