Deodorization with an Ozone air treatment

Deodorization with an Ozone air treatment

Do you like to work in a fresh environment, but do you suffer from annoying smells or smells in a certain room? Does your caravan or furniture smell stale due to moisture or some other cause? An ozone treatment by Corocor will help you to get rid of unpleasant smells quickly.

The application of ozone air treatment

An ozone treatment is carried out on location, for example at your home. However, it can also be carried out at the office, in your shop or in the factory. Corocor also has its own deodorization rooms. The choice for this will be made in consultation with you, because it depends on the situation and the objects to be deodorized.

After a fire or smoke damage in your house or a building, we always come on location. The treatment of a loose machine, piece of furniture, car or another object, we usually do in our own deodorizing rooms.

The ozone treatment can be used to:

  • Remove dirty air in cars, caravans, furniture or ships
  • Remove smoke air from clothing
  • Remove fire air in a shop
  • At a dirty smoke in the house
  • Various unpleasant odors including smoke smell, (dead) animals, fungi or sewer air.
  • At buildings, offices, factories and production rooms in connection with soot or smoke damage after a fire

This offers perspective for both at home and at work.

How does an ozone treatment work?

Equipment that is used in an ozone treatment actually removes dirty odors. This is done quickly, effectively and environmentally friendly. Everything is tackled at the source, so that a treatment actually has an effect. It is a clean gas-based technique that works by means of oxidation.

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