Before, during and after construction cleaning activities are very important

Do you prefer tidiness and neatness?

After renovation and new construction, it is very important to keep a thorough cleaning. Even after completion of a construction project, Corocor is willing to dot the i’s and give your project a clean start.

At construction sites it happens regularly that materials get dirty due to wind, rain and mud. In addition, a fire during a construction project can cause damage and dirt.

Corocor can offer solutions for all these situations. For example, with our ice blasting method we can quickly return cable trays with cables to their old cleanliness condition.


Extra service: Solar panel cleaning

You do not have to clean solar panels every week, but a thorough maintenance 1 or 2 times a year is advisable in April this is best as the sunny 6 months are on the doorstep, regular cleaning ensures an extra return of 3% is established by experience.


Under the influence of nature, solar panels can become quite dirty, for example due to leaves falling from trees and droppings from birds. Such dirt can negatively influence the efficiency of the solar panels up to 2 to 5%.

We have a cleaning method that leaves no residue / the solar panel surface is damaged.

Vertically placed solar panels are much more troubled by dirt than horizontally placed, since the vertically placed dirt / algae accumulates against the lower aluminum edge and covers the first row of solar cells, reducing the efficiency of the panel as it affects all 3 strings when horizontal. only affects the lower string.


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