Act quickly is important to protect your goods from further damage

Did you have a fire, water damage or emission of pollutants? Then it is best to act quickly to save your goods from further damage.

What is salvage after calamities?

After a calamity it is essential to salvage the damaged components as soon as possible by means of a damage stop. Salvage after calamities by Corocor can help you with this. Corocor can protect your goods from further (water) damage by means of:

  • Dehumidification using dryers
  • Disposal of equipment and places in our drying chambers
  • Preservation of equipment with the help of water displacing oil

Measuring devices for harmful substances

Corocor has mobile measuring equipment to determine whether harmful substances or corrosive substances have been deposited. Corocor also cooperates with accredited laboratories for this purpose.

Accreditations foundation Salvage

Corocor is recognized as a partner by the Salvage ISO 9001,VCA* foundation and has the following accreditations: simple, complex and specialist.

Have you had a calamity and would you like to stop damage to your goods as soon as possible? Please call our emergency number +31 (0)800-2676267 or send an e-mail to

Corocor Technical Reconditioning is a cooperation partner of the Salvage Foundation.

This national foundation insures first aid and shelter after fire, storm and water damage. They make every effort to stabilize the often chaotic situation after a fire as much as possible and to take care of the customer in the way he/she likes most. They do this on behalf of the joint insurers. Corocor can be called in for e.g. pumping away extinguishing water, carpentry of windows and doors, expelling stench or bringing property to safety. Every year we are tested whether we still meet the requirements imposed by the Salvage Foundation.