The Masterpiece cluster: specialists provide added value

The Masterpiece cluster

Corocor Technical Reconditioning is proud to present the new website of the Masterpiece cluster.

Co-operation of individual specialists

The Masterpiece cluster offers an innovative and complementary total package of products and services in the Northern Netherlands. The bundling of individual specialists provides added value in the field of technical reconditioning and industrial, mechanical and civil total solutions for your organization.

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Knowledge and skills

Participating specialists possess high-quality technical knowledge and offer your organisation customer and product-specific solutions.

By combining years of experience and knowledge, we are the partner for the answer to your question. Combining expertise and professionalism ensures a customer-oriented approach, reliability, adequate solutions and continuity.

24/7 Care

Important reasons to be part of this collective: where mutually reinforcing specialists can unburden your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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