Corocor stands for social and sustainable enterprise and work

CSR certificate

In 2016 we received the CSR certificate for social and sustainable enterprise and work. This certificate gives us well-deserved and open appreciation for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable policy developments.

We consider the 3 P's, People, planet and profit to be important and strive to work with them as much as possible.


As a company we participated in the Koploper project in Heerenveen in 2014. As a result, we are still in contact with fellow frontrunners to help each other with tips and tricks.

Furthermore, we have participated/assisted through a reintegration agency to give a primary school teacher an internship. Due to the loss of a large part of her speech skills, she wanted to be retrained as an administrative assistant.

At Brasserie de Stal in Heerenveen, people with a mental disability run the brasserie together with professional catering and care staff. We sponsored the company in the purchase of a car and in return we were allowed to provide Corocor stickers for this company car.

In our company/cleaning processes we think about recycling/green cleaning techniques such as offering our waste separately, reusing our cleaning cloths and applying alternative cleaning techniques such as CO₂ to reduce waste flows as much as possible, we frequently check tyre pressure to reduce fuel consumption.

We are also housed in a CO₂ neutral building which is heated by geothermal heat.