Preventive maintenance prevents unnecessary cost and guarntees continuity

Why preventive machine maintenance?

Preventive machine maintenance is very important: it prevents malfunctions now and in the future so you can work more efficiently. If machines are not maintained on time, you run the risk of clogged fans, seriously contaminated printed circuit boards or storage in control cabinets of all kinds of things that do not belong there.

Do not spend more

As an entrepreneur with a fleet of machines, you don't want to incur unnecessary costs, do you? Let alone that you want to run the risk that your production line comes to a standstill.

Purchasing new machines or equipment is expensive, which is why preventive maintenance is a solution. This means that certain machine parts are disassembled to enable proper cleaning. In addition, many more additional maintenance activities are possible.


Maintenance activities for various types of equipment

Do you suffer from malfunctions of the machines or equipment in your factory or office? An annoying problem, because it causes production to come to a standstill. Cleaning should of course be done professionally, then you will benefit most from it. That is why it is important to have quick maintenance carried out by a specialist. At Corocor you are at the right address for this maintenance service. We are experts in preventive maintenance of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment. Among other things, our specialists will carry out cleaning work for you. Moreover, we are happy to think along with you in drawing up a machine maintenance plan.


Used techniques

Corocor uses different techniques for machine maintenance. We list them clearly for you:

  • Wet cleaning with chemicals for heavily contaminated machines
  • Bathtub line for removing corrosion
  • Ultrasonic cleaning for the removal of chemical residues and dirt that is difficult to remove
  • Clean with dry ice for various types of soiling

Corocor carries out the above maintenance work on CNC machines, lathes, machining machines, production lines and control cabinets.

Why machine maintenance by Corocor?

Industrial maintenance by Corocor always brings you benefits:

  • You will have little or no problems with production downtime
  • You work finer thanks to clean equipment
  • In case of calamities, our specialists are ready to assist you immediately
  • Corocor is there for companies, institutions and private individuals

Fewer machine breakdowns and finer work with clean equipment? Please contact Corocor directly via +31 (0)513-767283 or email